Sanctification Gone Wild

I was reminded today of some truths that I haven’t written about in a while. I was interviewed for the Theology for the Rest of Us podcast this morning and we talked at length about performance-based Christianity. Based on my own experiences, I define performance-based Christianity as sanctification gone wild. Performance-based Christianity can set in when we start believing the gospel is something that we needed at the beginning of our Christian life, but as we progress through that life, we need it less and less. In performancism, we call sanctification progress and its goal is self-sufficiency. We view it as a movement away from life’s messiness into some type of have-it-togetherness where God is more pleased with us than he is with poor Joe Blow who is still steeped in his messiness. Performancism views God’s law as attainable because after all, we’ve been given a new heart so we ought to be able to pull it off.

I spent years as a Christian preoccupied with God’s law and my obedience. The burning question each day was Continue reading “Sanctification Gone Wild”